Logging in and my detailsLogging in and my details

Logging in, and my details

How is the privacy of my personal information ensured?

You are in control of your own information and can modify it at any time you wish. You can manage your own information by logging in (top of the right column on the page) and then clicking on "Amend my details". BlueFields Fashion webshop will use the data you provide to offer you high quality personal service. We will never pass on your details to any third party. BlueFields Fashion have formulated a Privacy Policy in order to guarantee the security of your data.

I have forgotten my password, what can I do now?

You will see a "Forgot Your Password?" link below the two log-in fields. If you click on this you will be asked for your e-mail address. If you then click on "Send password", you will be sent an e-mail containing your password. This will only work if you provide an e-mail address which you have previously registered with us.

How can I amend my account details?

You can amend your details by logging in (above the right column on the page). You will be taken to your dashboard where you can amend your data as desired. If you then click on "Save" at the bottom of the page, the amendments will be implemented in our system.

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